Fun Facts About Wormholes

There are 2604 wormhole systems in total and 106 out of those are shattered wormholes.

  • If a wormhole collapses during downtime, then a new wormhole will spawn at the exact same location, but will lead to a different system. A possible hint that this happened: the wormhole was EOL before downtime and it stabilized after. Be aware of your entrances when planning ops.
  • C4 systems will basically never spawn a connection to known space, even though the connections exists in the game code, the mechanics doesn't allow it to spawn: the wormhole code is O128.
  • Wormholes can be artificially collapsed by jumping enough mass through the connection. Some wormholes regenerate mass (frigate-only wormholes) and, in combination with the mass jump limit restriction, are very difficult to collapse. However, it is not impossible.
  • The K162 exit of a wormhole spawns when someone jumps the static on the other side or as per timer rules. The timer starts when someone initiates warp to the static. When 16 hours or less remain on the timer, the spawn chance is increasingly higher, regardless if anybody is jumping the static or not. In other words, when a new signature appears and if it's a wormhole, then there's a high chance it was spawned because someone jumped in, so check your Dscan.

Shattered Wormholes

No citadels or player owned stations can be anchored in shattered wormholes and all the planets are shattered (hence the name), so no POCOs, either. Shattered wormholes can have more than 2 statics.

Sites from different classes may spawn. For example C4 sites may spawn in a C3 shattered wormhole or vice-versa.


The famous shattered Thera wormhole (class 12) doesn't need much of an introduction. It houses 4 NPC stations belonging to the Sisters of Eve. The large number of statics and the enormous system diameter makes it hard for a single group to control the system at each moment in time. Home of Eve-Scout:


They are also called "Frig Holes" and are categorized as class 13. A total of 25 Tripnulls exist in the game. Tripnulls are small ship sized shattered wormholes: only frigates, destroyers and heavy interdictors may enter. All Tripnulls have a Class 6 Wolf-Rayet effect, which amplifies small weapon damage and are very suitable for armor-tanked ships.

Tripnull J-codes start with J000xxx (e.g. J000313), hence the name - tripple null, and all of them have a null-sec static and at least one other w-space static.

J000214 - Tripnull which spawns Sleeper Bioinformatics complex - a unique combat site in Eve.

Sansha Wormholes

Two Sansha wormholes (Sansha Override) exist in the game: J005299, J010556. There are Sansha rats instead of Sleepers and Sansha combat sites (including DED sites).

Drifter Wormholes

There are 5 Drifter wormholes in total:

Name J-Code Class Effect Entry code
Sentinel J055520 C14 Red Giant S877
Barbican J110145 C15 Cataclysmic Variable B735
Vidette J164710 C16 Magnetar V928
Conflux J200727 C17 Pulsar C414
Redoubt J175618 C18 Wolf-Rayet R259
  • All Drifter wormholes have a classic C2 static (D382) and the rest are "Unidentified Wormholes"
  • You can not warp to "Unidentified Wormholes" at 0k. You will always land at a beacon and will have to slowboat to the wormhole, while Drifters may appear on grid, so be careful :)

Other Facts

  • J154735 - the only wormhole which has planets of each type (except shattered planets): Temperate: 1, Ice: 1, Gas: 2, Oceanic: 2, Lava: 1, Barren: 1, Storm: 2, Plasma: 1. This is a PI heaven :)
  • J210750 - Eve's smallest wormhole with only a 3.7 AU radius (distance from sun to furthest planet)
  • J101248 - Eve's largest wormhole (besides Thera) with a whooping 142.3 AU radius (perfect for hiding capital fleets and watching movies while warping)
  • J152801, J162720 and J163225 - have only a single moon (easy to defend, maybe?)
  • J102834 - home of Eyjafjallaj√∂kull II (a lava planet named after the Icelandic volcano 'Eyjafjallaj√∂kull'), try spelling that...
  • J1226-0 - This class 4 wormhole has a special character inside the name. There used to be three of them: J1226-0, J1259+0 and J1340+6, but only one remains now. The last two were renamed.
  • J140208 has been renamed to J170376 in Odyssey. CCP, what are you hiding?
  • J164104, J115422 - the only non-shattered wormholes which have a shattered planet. What happened there?